The Walk Your Dog WIth Love dog harness makes walking your dog easier. Easier for you. Easier for your dog. The way it works is simple—you lead your dog from the front. Leading from the front is nothing new. For thousands of years people have known you lead a horse, cow, or camel from the front. It gives the walker control.

Yet, if you want that same animal to pull, just pull on it from behind. Like a horse with a carriage, an ox with a cart . . . or a dog with a sled and a beagle hound on a hunt.

So how come we do just that with our dogs?! With a standard harness or a collar/choker & leash, we try to lead from behind. Wait a minute . . . how can anyone lead from behind?

With the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness, you don't have to be a dog whisperer to have your dog walk like a champ.

Walking our dogs is a rather new thing. In the past, not many people had dogs just for companionship. Dogs had jobs, and not many people "walked" them.

Nowadays, most dogs are just companions. Companions that need to be walked. And we either use a harness based on the design of a working dog harness, the leash pull point attachment on the back, or, because it is convenient, we just click the leash to our dog's collar or a choker. Sort of like walking in ski boots because they were the first shoes we could find.

Also, collars and chokers are not a friendly way to walk our best friends. There is a better way.

The Harness is specifically engineered for walking our dogs; not them walking us. The front-attaching leash mount is an important element of this design. It puts us first

For thousands of years animals have been led from the front. People worldwide continue to use this technique because leading from the front gives them steering. Steering equals control.

The harness connects from the front, putting us in control. Control over where we walk, control over our dog's pulling, jumping, running, and tugging.

The physical structure of a dog makes them very hard for us humans to control. A dog's low, wide, and horizontal shape gives them a much more stable center of gravity than our vertical shape, with its high and easily unbalanced center of gravity.

Add to this the traction of our dog's four feet all pulling in one direction, and their nails, which give them even more traction. This means our dogs have an almost unstoppable momentum, especially when motivated by a chattering squirrel, another dog, or a stranger who they want to jump on.

The dog harness puts the leash pull-point close to our dog's center of gravity, counteracting their natural mechanical advantage. This makes it easier to manage our dog, especially during that wild or "unexpected" activity . . . which we have come to expect.

Like many animals, humans included, dogs pull away when they are pulled on. The harder we pull, the harder they pull; it’s called oppositional pulling.

Pulling on a rear-attached leash results in our dog pulling forward. While our mouths say "Heel, Heel" our motions insist, "Pull, Pull"! Our actions don’t match our intentions.

With the dog harness, pulling slows things down and gives us more control, naturally.

Dogs, like people, learn good behavior if we let them "win" and then reward them. We want our dog to walk at our side and slightly behind us, watching us, going where we go. We lead, they follow. It is what "Heel" means.

Attached from the rear, the command "Fido Heel", might as well be "Fido, make Vichyssoise". Our dog has no idea what to do; no matter how many times we ask, how hard we tug the leash, or how well they obey other commands.

The dog harness automatically puts our dog in the “Heel” position. Now “Heel” makes sense. We all win. Good Dog!